Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mommy’s Little “Helper”

Last weekend we had the teen group over for a game night.  We had nachos and a couple of sweet things, including “Muddy Buddies.”  {I think we used to call it Puppy Chow}.  But whatever.  Nolan has recently discovered the chair that sits in the kitchen.  He likes it because it puts him in better reach of gadgets…and sometimes goodies!  In the case of the Muddy Buddies, Elaine declined to help in the kitchen so Nolan volunteered to be my “helper”.  But this is what he really had in mind!

Nolan Helps in the Kitchen
“These are good, Mom.  What’s in them?”

Nolan Helps in the Kitchen
“Do you like my chocolate drool smile?  I haven’t been eating any of these, though!”

Nolan Helps in the Kitchen
“You want me to squish them together?”  Mommy: “No!”

Nolan Helps in the Kitchen
“Just helping out, Mom.  Can I have some more?”

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