Monday, October 29, 2012

12 Weeks!

Today marks 12 weeks into this twin pregnancy.  I'm feeling great for the most part...just really tired.  Mornings are harder because I feel queasy and want to eat, but don't feel like eating.  But I have been blessed to once again not struggle with any morning sickness during this pregnancy.
I return to the doctor on Friday {provided that NYC is okay after Hurricane Sandy}.  I will have a sonogram to ensure that both heartbeats are strong and well.  I have some more questions that I want to get answered by the midwife as well.
I am already wearing a few maternity items...something I didn't do while carrying Nolan or Elaine until nearly {or well past} the halfway point.  I also have a never-ending appetite, and I can tell I will be huge at the end!  My cravings are tending to be toward salty food, but in the last two pregnancies it was definitely sweet foods!
We have been having fun tossing around some names, though we will wait to get serious about names until we find out the babies' gender.  We have a girl's name which we had picked for Nolan, and we will use that if we do have a girl.  If you have any great suggestions then let us know {but don't be offended if we don't use your suggestion}.  And no, if we get a boy his name will NOT be Wally James. Sorry, Grandpa Wally and Grampa Jim!


  1. Kenny wanted me to tell you, if you have a boy you should name him Kenny... :/ like I said I'm just the messenger so don't shoot

  2. I still can't believe you are having TWINS!! This is so exciting!! You MUST keep us all updated, ok? As for names, ever since I was young I have loved the names Christopher and Christina, or Chris and Christy for short! Of course, that will only work if you have a boy and a girl. :) Praying for you over the next few months!

  3. So I guess I calculated's 11 weeks. Getting anxious, I guess!


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