Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am overwhelmed by God’s provision for us…yet again.  Things have been a smidge tights since Ben hasn’t worked full hours the last few weeks.  And he had to license himself as an independent contractor, which costs quite a pretty penny here in the City. 

We didn’t tell anyone.  We weren’t starving.  But we were wondering how we would pay the rent and buy necessities too.  Until yesterday.  Pastor Bickel told us he had a few dry goods and a couple of grocery gift cards for us from the church.  I was excited at “few”.  I was overwhelmed at my trunk overflowing with bags of groceries.  And many of the items were exactly what we needed.

This is what I posted on my Facebook page:

To our dear friends at have once again blessed us beyond measure. Once again the Lord has used you to meet some of our physical needs. Your gifts of food staples came at just the right time. And how did you know exactly what we needed? You must have heard the Lord whisper it in your ear. We love you all and are so privileged to serve the Lord alongside you. Thanks - Ben & Andrea

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these pictures are worth a lot of meals!

Blessings from Bethel
This is what I could fit in the picture.  And Ben is uber-excited about those 6 rolls of paper towel.  It’s not something we usually buy!  You can’t even get the idea from this picture because there is so much stacked up in the back.

Blessings from Bethel
Empty bags after all the food was put away

Blessings from Bethel
My cupboard is not big enough to hold all that we were given. I have pasta sauce & chicken broth shoved in every nook & cranny I could find!

Blessings from Bethel
The overflow on my top shelf

Blessings from Bethel
The pantry - or what I could fit inside.  My kids will be spoiled with all of the mini-cereal boxes and snack packs!

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  1. We have such a wonderful Father!! So happy to see your blessings. :)


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