Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June photo a day, the end

June 27: Bathroom

June 27 Bathroom
It’s not much to speak of.  It is tiny.  Every space is filled & used – right down to the shelves in the dumb waiter.  Yes – we have a dumb waiter in our shower.  But it serves the purpose!

June 28: On the Shelf

June 28 On the Shelf
Lots of home canned deliciousness!  Kiwi jam, salsa {mild, medium, and hot}, strawberry jam, and applesauce.

June 29: Soft

Nolan's Baby Blanket
Flannel rag quilt I made for Nolan.  It is Beatrix Potter to match the “nursery”.

June 30: Friend

June 30 A Friend
Meet Mr. Bunny.  Elaine’s “best bud” – literally since day 1.  {Yes, “he” is pink.  I don’t know why he became a “Mr.” Bunny, but it stuck}.  He was a gift from a friend who visited us in the hospital.  She still sleeps with him every night.  He was lost once.  There were several hard nights while we awaited his replacement to arrive in the mail.  He doesn’t leave the house much anymore – to ensure he doesn’t get lost again.

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