Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Freezer Cooking

When I was growing up my mom often did “Once a Month Cooking”.  We would spend a whole day planning & shopping, then another day cooking meals to stick in the freezer.  Then supper was easy – my mom would pull out a meal in the morning so it could thaw, and then it just had to be heated up at dinner time.  There were always meals in the freezer, and I know it saved my parents money.

I have enjoyed doing some freezer cooking in the past, but I’ve been kinda “out of it” since Nolan was born.  I did some little meals here and there, but meal planning and couponing has been on the back burner.  Recently, my kids have been playing together and self-entertaining a little bit more, and I’ve had some more time for homemaking projects, like freezer cooking.  Coupled with my reason for last week’s Thankful Thursday post, we have an abundance of food & meals that can be ready quickly!

I’m thankful for a mom who taught me how to cook & prepare meals.  I’m thankful for her example of frugality, meal planning, and freezer cooking.  And I’m thankful for more time to dedicate to this area in my own family!

Here’s what we have in the freezer:


  • Chicken Tetrazzini (x3) – I made a double batch and split it into 3 meals.  I improvised and used peas, corn, and carrots instead of the peppers.
  • Stuffed Shells – whenever I make this meal, I split it in half.  We eat one half for supper, and freeze the other half.
  • Meat sauce for spaghetti
  • Friendship bread for breakfast
  • Baked oatmeal (x2)
  • Pinto Beans (x4) – ready to add to rice, or make into refried beans.  I freeze them into 2 cup portions, the same size as a can of beans.
  • Pizza pockets – these aren’t exactly pizza.  I didn’t add sauce.  Last time I made them with deli ham.  This time I used up some diced chicken, and some deli turkey.  The dough is easy and sweet.  My mom always made calzones and froze them without baking them.  These pockets freeze & reheat well, even if you bake them prior to freezing. 
  • Strawberries and blueberries for quick smoothies
  • Bananas ready for banana bread.
  • I also boiled up a bunch of eggs for hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.  Elaine loves eggs, and they are growing on Nolan.

I find lots of freezer recipes & ideas at Money Saving Mom.

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