Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elaine’s Mei Tei

I have a Kozy Carrier that I sometimes use to take both kids on the train by myself.  It is a Mei Tei style carrier. It allows me to carry one kiddo on my front or back, so that I can carry the other kiddo in the stroller up and down the steps.  Usually I put Nolan in it, but recently Elaine has been asking to be the one to go “on Mommy’s back.”  Last time she fell asleep there while riding the train home!

So Elaine started asking if I could make a “tie” for Betsy {her dolly}.  I responded with a “maybe” and quickly forgot about it. At bedtime Elaine suddenly remembered, and said to me, “You never make me a Betsy tei.”  And it was the first thing out of her mouth the next morning.

I guess it’s true…the squeaky wheel gets the grease…because I got out my sewing machine and set to making Betsy a “tei.”  At every stage Elaine wanted to know what I was doing and if it was done yet.  When I tried it on her to be sure the strap lengths were correct, all she could say was, “I bery happy.  {Giggle} I bery happy, Mom.  You okay, Betsy?”  It was a frustrating process to make it, but the end result – a bery happy girl – was so worth it.

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy  Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy

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