Thursday, April 19, 2012

She Taught Me How to Teach

I was planning to skip my Thankful Thursday post today.  But then I got this email from the mom of two of our Children’s Church kids.  And I changed my mind.

I shared with you earlier this week how excited we were to have all of our students bring their Bibles.  I also encouraged the kids to read their Bible everyday, or to ask their parents to read with them if they can’t read by themselves.  This mom told me that both of her kids have come to her separately and asked to read their Bibles every day.  Her little boy {who is only 3, but sits very well in Children’s Church} said, “Mrs. Hamilton says if I read my Bible every day I will grow, grow, grow and I want to.” 

Andrea's HBC 2nd Grade SS ClassWell…that was a BIG encouragement to me!  But it started me thinking…where did I learn to teach kids like this?  From my mom, of course.  And though I had some formal training through college courses, it was really just reinforcing what I had observed in my mom through the years.  I guess she had some good training too!

Since I can remember, my mom has been a Sunday School teacher.  In fact, I remember that we left the Southern Baptist Church because in my mom’s Sunday School curriculum, they skipped teaching about sin in the story of Adam & Eve.  Mom has taught 2s & 3s Sunday School, as well as Kindergarten.

[Hamilton]0108In college I had the opportunity to practice my training with a weekly Bible Club.  Then when I came home on college breaks, I taught 1st Grade one year, and 2nd Grade the following summer.  It was nice that way, because I had the same kids.  In fact, my two regular attenders were Mike and Stephanie.  They were the ring bearer and flower girl in my wedding! 

In the Primary Department opening, I watched my mom challenge the kids to bring their Bibles to church every week.  And when they had a perfect Bible count three weeks in a row, we celebrated with “Donut Sunday.”  Then Mom would challenge the kids to read their Bibles every day.  She rewarded them with $1 McDonalds gift certificates that they could save up for ice cream or a Happy Meal. 

Elaine at Sunday School in Colorado

So now that Ben and I teach Children’s Church, I still find myself teaching just the way my mom does.  Ben usually teaches the lesson, but I get to do songs and the review game.  And it is exciting to me to see the kids bringing their Bibles and asking to read their Bibles because it was always exciting to my mom.  And it is exciting to see kids grow in the Lord and have a desire for His Word!

So thanks mom, for teaching me how to teach!

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