Thursday, April 12, 2012

All Boy

I don’t think I completely understood what the saying “boys will be boys” encompasses.  I don’t think I was prepared for the amazing energy and adventure that comes with being “all boy.”  But ready or not, here comes Nolan.   Today was pretty much a typical day.  But so busy…messy…noisy…messy…energetic…

Here are some things that Nolan has accomplished today (and the day is far from done):

  • Spilled his sippy cupimg_3735
  • Smeared Oreo cookie everywhere, requiring an outfit change
  • Helped himself to cereal in the pantry
  • Pulled dishtowels out of the drawer
  • Played in the potty (several times…neither Elaine or I seem to remember to close the lid)
  • Emptied the toy drawer of all objects
  • Pulled all of my devotional books off the shelf.
  • Gotten stuck between the toilet and the wall while unrolling the toilet paper roll.
  • Tried to eat the video camera – we are working on training him not to touch things in this basket
  • Played a little tune on the piano
  • Enjoyed the “fort” underneath the clothes drying rack
  • Discovered a food he doesn’t like: cottage cheese
  • Wormed out of the stroller at the laundry mat
  • Chewed open a box of jell-o in the grocery store
  • Pulled out the rice cooker and played with it
  • Tried to steal a yogurt from the open refrigerator
  • Hijacked his sister’s toys, baby doll stroller, and sippy cup (capital offences to Elaine!)
  • Figured out how to remove the lid from the diaper pail
  • Tried to play in the kitchen trash – remind me to fix that baby lock!
  • Played with the vacuum cleaner
  • Entertained himself with my shipping supplies
  • And the list could go on!

Nolan is definitely all boy – a noise making, adventuresome, messy eater {eating anything in sight…except cottage cheese} who loves creating play things and messes with whatever he can get his hands on.  Today…Thursday…I am thankful for this exciting adventure as the mommy of a boy!  Never a dull moment in our household anymore.


  1. Yeah... Same here for Judson. :) Life is full of excitement with a boy!

  2. I laughed so hard and then had to reread this post so I could laugh again!:) thanks for sharing


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