Sunday, April 22, 2012

How They Grow!

Here is Elaine and her “Pa” Hamilton on September 6, 2010.  We were at Prospect Park for Labor Day.

Labor Day in Prospect Park  Labor Day in Prospect Park

And just about a year and a half later, here they are again!  This time at the Bronx Zoo.

Bronx Zoo  Bronx Zoo

She lost her paci, but she’s still the same Elaine.  How fast she has grown up!  Oh, and by the way…I think that “Pa Hamilton” has regained favorite Grandpa status, at least for now.  The light-up ducky helped a TON, and the running, playing, and carousel ride at the zoo didn’t hurt.  But next month it will probably be “Pa Godby” again when we go visit his house!  {This is the on-going competition of the “Pa’s”}

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