Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noise With Dirt On It

I found this picture on Pinterest of a boy’s bedroom wall.


Ben and I decided it was the perfect definition of Nolan!  We often refer to him as “the noise with dirt on it.”  Recently, it has taken on a new meaning.  Because Nolan’s new best friend is the vacuum – and it is literally noise with dirt in it!

Really - Nolan is in L.O.V.E. with the vacuum cleaner.  He absolutely goes crazy when you turn it on!  If you turn your back for a moment, Nolan crawls as fast as he can to the hallway, where the vacuum lives.  He crawls up on it, laughs to it, and gets downright excited.

So…the last couple of times that I have vacuumed the house, I have left the vacuum in the floor for Nolan to explore.  Today he played with it for over an hour.  Seriously.  Happy, laughing, excited.  The whole time.

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

Nolan and the Vacuum

So it is decided.  When Nolan grows up, he wants to vacuum.  And I love my little dirty noise!

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  1. He is getting so big! Austin (my brother Robbie's son) Loved the vacuum when he was young too. They actually bought him a play vacuum for Christmas one year. They do grow out of it though :S


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