Monday, February 6, 2012


I was working on a blog post when Elaine came running over.  She wanted me to take a picture of Betsy (her baby doll).  I decided to humor her, and grabbed my camera.  I followed Elaine to the living room, and she helped me take this picture:


You may be thinking I have lost my marbles.  Perhaps I should explain why Betsy is “nakee”.  You see, Betsy had a dirty diaper, so being a good mommy, Elaine took it off.  Betsy then went “poo-poo” on the big girl potty.  Isn’t that amazingly fast for potty training? 

I said to Elaine, “What is Betsy doing?”  I received this reply, “She paying.”  {She’s playing}.  Nolan has just started pulling himself up on the furniture, and I loves to stand here at the “coffee table” and play with the handle or his toys.  I guess Betsy is just following his example!

Now you’re probably wondering why I put this on my blog.  Well, Elaine wanted the picture on the computer.  And I just thought you might need a little Monday morning chuckle.  Hope your day is filled with as much excitement as mine is sure to be!


  1. Elaine is such a good mommy :) taking pictures of her baby and changing diapers. Too Cute :)

  2. Maybe she meant Betsy is "praying". She is on her knees!!


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