Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Well Loved Farm…

This post is especially for “Ma” Godby!

There is a little farm that I played with as a kid.  And Kenny played with it.  And Wesley played with it.  Grandma (“Ma” as Elaine calls her) sent it to Elaine a while ago.  It was played with for a while, then pushed aside in favor of the baby dolls.  Now Elaine is playing with it again, and she is sharing it with her little brother.  She shows Nolan how to make the cows and horses drink from the trough.  She hooks up the tractor.  But mostly she says, “Stop it, Nolan” when he tries to take her Little People.  It is cute.  This is definitely a generational toy!





{The Nolanator}
six months old

{typical face}

{will drool for teeth}

{my munchkins}

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  1. I thoroughly smiled through that post! Maybe I should send the little house! And can you just imagine what Nolan is really thinking behind that big grin! Elaine's days are numbered!


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