Friday, January 27, 2012

Sick Day

We have been up since 1 a.m.  Elaine lost her “cookies” all over her bed.  The stomach virus has been going around several of our friends here.  While we were cleaning up the bed (and Nolan was screaming his head off in his bed), Elaine had round #2 all over the floor.  We went through 3 sets of pajamas in less than an hour!

I stayed on the couch with Elaine and after some dry heaves she finally succumbed to sleep.  Then it hit her on the other end, if you know what I mean.  Poor girl was so thirsty, and kept asking for (of all things) chocolate!  But every little sip I gave her just came back up.

A newly washed Bunny was soiled again in 30 minutes.  Elaine cried and cried because she puked all over Betsy, and her dolly has no more clean clothes.  My girl just wants to be held…and she wants to wear her new boots.  Nolan wants to be held, and he wants to touch the new boots.  Elaine does not like that!

It’s tough being a mommy sometimes.  This is my first experience with the stomach flu – the first time Elaine has thrown up.  I don’t do well cleaning it up, either.  Probably because I don’t throw up easily, or very often.  I lost everything when I was in labor with Elaine, and that was the first time that I can remember…since…grade school.  So this is definitely not pleasant for me!

While Elaine was on her 3rd movie of the day (the only thing that seems to be helping her settle down), I stole a few moments at the computer.  Realizing that I no longer heard Nolan playing, I stepped into the room to investigate.  This is what I found:

{notice the boots?}

{conked out with his favorite toy – the computer cord}

Seriously – I have never seen a kid so attracted to cords before!  I cannot keep them all out of sight enough…he always finds them! 

So that’s it from the Hamilton household for today.  Maybe I will get to sleep tonight??!!??

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