Monday, January 9, 2012

All About Nolan

Nolan is six months old now.  He is crawling (army style), sitting up, and cutting his first teeth (hence the rosy cheeks).  He loves to steal toys from his sister and is very good at seeking out electrical cords to chew on.  (Elaine is the Daddy-appointed tattle-tale, and she loves to say, “Nolan.  No cords.  No-no.”)  He has a great smile, likes bubbles in the bath, and wears shoes, to Elaine’s delight.  He eats like a champ – just wave a spoon in front of his mouth, and he will open wide to let it in!  He’s my boy!

:: Baseball is in his name.  Read more here!


img_2915  img_2917

:: Mommy’s kitchen helper.  Don’t tell Daddy!


:: First Tie – he looked like a little man for church!

img_2934  img_2936

:: Exploring – he found the pots!




:: Yum, yum!  Give me more!

Nolan eating Sweet Potatoes

Nolan eating Sweet Potatoes

:: Happy Little Man

Nolan playing Scrabble

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