Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day

Winter has finally descended on the Big City.  We have about an inch of crispy, icy snow.  Elaine couldn’t wait to get on her snow pants and go outside to play.  We made it a family affair and headed to the park.  Elaine got to ride along on the sled, even though there wasn’t really enough snow for sledding.  This is Nolan’s first snow.  It’s a litlte late…his snow suit barely fit!  Guess it’s time to move him up a size!

2012-1-21 First Snow Day jpg

2012-1-21 First Snow Day p.2 jpg

Snow Day!  Snow Day!
Elaine & Nolan on the sled.  Nolan was so bundled he couldn’t move!  Then Elaine insisted that Ben sit on the sled so she could pull him!

Snow Day!
Elaine kept losing her mitten, so Ben gave her his gloves.  She looked so funny with her giant hands!

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