Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Special Friends & Difficult Times

There is an awesome picture that is just begging for a blog post.  So let me start at the beginning.  My friends the Gowler’s are going through a difficult time right now.  Travis is the same age as my youngest brother Wesley (about 21).  He was recently diagnosed with cancer.

This is what his sister Michelle (we were in the youth group together…it seems like eons ago…) wrote on Facebook on August 22:

“Apparently my brother has known something was weird since Christmas break this last year. But it wasn't until this past Monday that he talked to the Dr. about it. So this week things have been taken care of quickly. He was diagnosed with cancer on Wednesday and had surgery on Friday afternoon. The cancer was confirmed as being nonseminomal meaning it is a fast-growing, fast-spreading cancer. The doctors say he will probably need further treatment and maybe another surgery even if it hasn't spread. He will have a PET scan tomorrow to see if it has spread. Results from both the PET scan and all the pathology reports should be in by Wednesday for his follow up apt with the Dr. The cure rate for this cancer is very high even if it has spread. It may be a couple rough months ahead though.

“Please continue to pray for my brother that God would encourage him and draw him closer to Himself. Please pray for my mom that she will have wisdom as well. Also pray for my whole family that we will trust God's sovereignty and rely on His grace.  God is good ALL the time and His will cannot lead us where His grace will not keep us!”

Travis began his second round of chemotherapy this week.  He is supposed to have another test this week to determine whether the chemo is being effective or not. 

That brings me to the picture…my brother and a couple of Travis’ friends at church decided to shave their heads in support of Travis at this time.  I just think that is great!

The bald guys Wayne Anderson, Seth Bacon, Travis Gowler, and Wesley Godby

Would you add Travis to your prayer list and remember to pray for him?  I know that he and his family will appreciate it!

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