Friday, September 17, 2010

Elaine’s Best Friend

Elaine has this bunny.  Actually, it is a bunny head with a soft & satiny blanket for a body.  She received it as a gift in the hospital.  Bunny became her best friend.  She loves the feel of the satin edging.  We were always so careful when Bunny went on outings with us.  “Do you still have Bunny?”  we would ask, about a thousand times a day.  (A slight exaggeration). 

Last week there was a tragedy in our family.  While walking home from teh print shop, I got a phone call.  I didn’t pay attention.  Elaine dropped Bunny.  When we returned home and I realized Bunny was gone, I had an Anne Shirley moment (the depths of despair).  Though we retraced our steps several times, even checking the garbage cans, Bunny was no where to be found. 

We tried a couple of substitutes, but none was quite right.  I tracked down where Bunny was purchased, but the shop no longer carries the item.  The nice lady did know the brand, and that resulted in a purchase from Amazon.  Finally, a box arrived.  When Elaine opened it, she was elated!  Bunny is back again.  And so…clean!

Elaine 10 months The arrival of new Bunny

Elaine 10 months The arrival of new Bunny

A new family rule has been instituted – Bunny is not allowed on any more walks!

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