Friday, September 10, 2010


I wrote about Broolynisms here, but it was too long so I didn’t finish.  This is the conclusion of the story – Elaineisms!

Elaine 9 months smiling Can I start by saying that being a mommy is the bestest job in the world?  Never a dull moment, and so many happy ones!  Elaine is growing up so fast (I know…every mom says that, right?)  Yesterday was filled with new discoveries and I laughed so much!  This is how it went…

I stepped into the living room to find Elaine playing with her puzzles.  The bottom dresser drawer was open just a crack, and she had stuffed all of her puzzle pieces in the hole.  She did it again this morning!  Apparently she thinks that is where they belong.

Next Elaine left me in the kitchen and crawled back into the bedroom.  Or so I thought.  I couldn’t find her!  Then I spotted them…two little legs sticking out from under the shirts on the drying rack.  She was quite entertained playing amongst the wet clothes!

Elaine and I made zucchini bread yesterday.  I set her on the washing machine and gave her a bowl and some measuring cups.  This is what she did:

Daddy taught her that trick!

While preparing dinner, I heard Elaine in the hallway.  Earlier in the morning I discovered that she can crawl down the first step.  When I went to check, I found that she had crawled up into the umbrella stroller.  She was just standing there, having a great time!

Elaine 10 months in Stroller

Since it was close to bedtime Elaine was not very happy to be playing alone while I washed dishes.  She wanted to be held.  The compromise?  I brought in a chair and she helped me wash the dishes.

Elaine 10 months washing dishes 

Last week, I dropped the hot curling iron, and Elaine was playing at my feet.  She has second degree burns.At bedtime we have to change the bandage on Elaine’s burn.    Elaine has watched me do this many times.  Now she tries to unroll the tape and “help” me do it!

   Elaine's Curling Iron burn 9 months  KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

And to finish it up, I’ll tell you about breakfast today.  I put her in the highchair with some zucchini bread and cheerios, and a sippy cup of juice.  As I was working on the computer, I watched her eat a Cheerio, take  a drink, and then try so very hard to get her cup back into the cup holder on her tray. 

One more video to finish up…Elaine got a little dolly stroller because she is always pushing around the big stroller.  Watch her do it:

Let’s see what adventures today will bring…

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