Monday, September 20, 2010

30 Day Media Reduction Challenge – Getting Back to Basics

Last week I posted in my Facebook status that I was taking a 30 day break from Facebook.  I would like to share more details and elaborate just a little bit!

Facebook First, I know that I spend way too much time on Facebook.  Most of it is time wasted, and very little is profitable. 

Secondly, during the last couple of weeks I have heard several admonitions about being careful with Facebook, and the dangers.  While I am not as easily swayed as younger teens, I realize that there are a lot of varying influences on Facebook.  Sometimes it may just be a friend of a friend, but there is a bit of language on Facebook that is inappropriate.  I have had to “hide” several people on my friend list because of the types of things that they say and post. 

Thirdly, I have been discouraged to see the things that professing Christians “like” on Facebook.  Many of the movies and things listed as their interests make me ashamed.  I am embarrassed that they publicly admit to being involved in ungodliness and worldliness.  (And I am not perfect – don’t get me wrong!)

Last week I was catching up on my Revive Our Hearts podcast with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  In the series “Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild” she set forth the 30 Day Media Reduction Challenge.  I immediately thought, “I need to do that,” but I hesitated.

Over the weekend a friend closed her Facebook account for several of the reasons I have already listed.  I enjoyed her posts – from Scripture to Bible Study recaps to answers to prayer.  The fact that she was willing to take such a bold stand in her conviction about Facebook pushed me over the edge.  I am at least taking a 30 day break, but I may not come back! 

Additionally, our church is preparing for a week long soul-winning TVclinic at the end of the month.  In preparation, our pastor has asked us to take a TV and media fast.

For those who are interested in taking the 30 Day Media Challenge yourself, here are the details and a link to the website.  If you sign up you will receive 6 emails over the course of the 30 days encouraging you to stay on track!

Some statistics: the average woman listens to or is exposed to 70 hours of mass media a week (from television and radio, video games, Internet, iPod, women's magazines, newspapers, movies).  Translated over a lifetime, if your daily intake of TV, Internet, radio, and women's magazines is about average, by the time you are 65, you will have spent 40 solid years of all day, everyday time sitting under the tutelage of worldly wisdom.

The problem is those messages—worldly media tells lies about:

  • womanhood
  • relationships
  • what will give us significance
  • how we should live
  • how we should conduct ourselves in our relationships
  • the right kind of behavior that we ought to aspire to


Unplug your TV, Cable, DVD, Video Games, Internet Surfing, and Radio. cell phone

Curtail your Text Messaging, Emailing, and Social Networking.

Nurture your Relationships with Family, Friends, and with the Lord

I am taking a break from Facebook.  I still have to administrate the fan page for our diaper business.  And I have to check the business email.  I already enjoyed some time over the weekend just reading other blogs.  That’s how I got started blogging in the first place! I look forward to finishing a couple of books also.  We don’t text message, and we will probably cut way down on our movies (although Friday night is usually our movie night).  Will you take the challenge with me?

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