Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Help! Somebody stole my bagel!


Elaine and I eat breakfast together.  Today we slept in a bit, so it was more like a mid-morning snack.  I had no sooner set my plate, loaded with a yummy NYC bagel, on the table than it disappeared!  I looked down, and five little fingers had entwined themselves around my bagel.  Elaine’s eyes got really big as she struggle to raise the large “Cheerio” to her mouth.  “This isn’t a Cheerio,” she thought.  “But it’s very yummy.  Mommy’s Cheerios have butter on them!”

So it turns out that I only got half of my bagel this morning.  Elaine tried to return a portion of the other half, but it was so gummed up I declined.

Two of my favorite pleasures about living in NYC are the bagels and the pizza.  They are fabulous!  Someone told me that it is because of the water we have in the City.  Someone told us that Brooklyn water is cleaner than bottled water.  Whatever the reason, bagels and pizza are amazing!

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