Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ask the Audience – How do you save money???

Okay, it is really starting to sink in just how expensive it is to live in NYC!  In Va. Beach I was spending $40-50 per week on groceries, or under $200 for the month.  My groceries last month were nearly double that! 

I have discovered that I don’t get the same great coupons, and stores don’t run the same great deals.  While I have scoured out the best milk, eggs, and meat prices, I am struggling finding the deals and cutting the budget on other items. 

I went to Target today because I had a list of needed toiletries and paper products.  After three hours and no bargains I was very disappointed.  I think the grocery store and drug stores run better sales, and things are definitely marked better!

SO…I thought I would poll my readers.  If I can’t use coupons to score the same bargains I am used to, what else can I do to save money?  We’re only using the A/C part time, and I don’t have a clothes dryer.   Water is included in our rent, and internet is free.  Anything else you all do to save money besides use coupons? 

Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear it!


  1. You may do a lot of this already, but these are a few things we do to help our budget:
    1. Eat more vegetarian type meals...meat's pricey!
    2. Make as much as possible from scratch.
    3. Use cloth napkins and rags instead of paper napkins
    and paper towels.
    4. Hardly use saran wrap, baggies, etc...use real dishes or tupperware instead. I use a plate as a lid over a bowl, etc.

    The small things are the big things!!

  2. Coupons and buying in bulk are my ways to save money. If you have coupons now, use it to buy a lot on items that last longer.


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