Monday, March 1, 2010

It is finished!

Here are the results of my Freezer Cooking Day:

I finished up the Chicken Tetrazzini and kitchen cleanup just as Ben arrived home.  I think the whole chicken turned out well.  I don’t know if I will do it every time I need chicken.  I definitely prefer using boneless chicken breasts, but this wasn’t bad for a first try.  The worst part for me was removing the guts and getting it ready to cook.  Ever since my days at McDonalds I don’t do well with raw meat.  I didn’t mind the deboning process, and Ben likes dark meat so it will be a nice treat for him.  I don’t think I can beat it pricewise either.

pict0031The fruits of my labor include:

  • 2 Chicken Tetrazzini meals
  • 4 1-cup portions of shredded chicken, for use in chicken pot pie, pizza, burritos, quesadillas, and chicken salad sandwiches
  • 6 pizza dough portions – enough to last me into April
  • 2 Sloppy Joe meals
  • 2 Stuffed Shells meals, plus one that we ate tonight for supper
  • 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies

I was dreaming of going to sit at Starbucks for a while tonight, but then I was reminded that we are now a one car family.  That is so weird.  Ben is at Hebrew class, so Elaine are I are home on our own.  Time to catch up on my Bible reading!


  1. Wow I'm impressed. I wish I had that gumption. Good job!

  2. Way to go! I do the chicken-portion-in-a-bag too. I put mine in the crockpot and then shred or cube it after it cooks up. Less mess and I hate touching raw chicken...totally freaks me out! :)

  3. Just a suggestion on using the whole chicken.....put it in your crockpot over night with water in it, and it will be all cooked up for you. It's a lot easier to debone it that way, and if you're using it all cooked it is a lot faster.


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