Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Conveniences, Small Pleasures

Last night a terrible thing happened to me.  I had the kitchen cleaned up.  Ben was on his way to Hebrew class.  Elaine was playing in the floor.  The laundry finished spinning out so I went and put it in the dryer.  I heard a klunk, klunk.  I just had problems with my washer a couple of weeks ago.  My initial thought was, “Oh no.  What’s wrong with my dryer.”  I opened the door.  I reached into the clothes.  My heart sank as my fingers curled around a familiar object buried deep among the socks and shirts.  It was my cell phone

Right now you’re probably rolling in laughter.  That’s what Wesley cellphones did when I told him last night.  How could this happen? Simple.  I was cooking all day yesterday.  I actually wore one of my aprons.  Amazing!  It had this nice little pocket in the front.  I didn’t want to miss any phone calls, so I stuck my phone in the pocket.  Convenient.  But I forgot it was there.  Once the kitchen was clean, I ripped off the apron and threw it in the washing machine.  Cell phone and all.  Tragic.

I felt cut off from the world.  Even though I knew Ben was in class, Dad was delivering pizza, and Mom was at BSF.  The three most frequent callers were unavailable and I wasn’t missing a thing.  I still almost cried.  I tried sticking it in uncooked rice to dry it out, knowing full well that it might have survived a dip in the dishwater, or a drop in the toilet (I’ve heard of it happening!), but not likely to survive a lengthy wash cycle in the washing machine.

Sure enough.  It was dead this morning.  Luckily I had saved my old cell phone, and I was able to get it reactivated for free, so I don’t have to make the decision about a new phone right now.  Can you believe that there are only like two models of simple cell phones out there?  Everything is geared to texting, internet, and music.  None of which I do, and neither do I want to pay for them. 

The bright spot is my latte.  All 20 ounlatte-grandeces of wonderful, warm, comforting liquid.  And it’s even Irish Creme .  That’s my favorite flavor, but most mainstream coffee shops, like Starbucks have discontinued it.  Seattle’s Best in Borders still has it. 

Big conveniences…like my cell phone.  I’m reconnected to the world now.  Little comforts.  Like Irish Creme Lattes.  Mmmmmm.


  1. Really, irish cream at Borders? When I come, we're going there. I'll buy!

  2. Mmm. The latte sounds fabulous!

    Sorry about the death of your phone. I had a friend whose phone seemed doomed to die--she washed it, jumped in the pool with it, and rode over it with her lawnmower. THAT'S when it gets funny. ;)


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