Friday, March 26, 2010

The Bag Sale

We went to the bag sale at Kid to Kid, our local consignment/resale store.  At the end of the season they do a big clearance sale, and everything you can stuff in a bag is $10.  I went in August before Elaine was born, and I bought half boy and half girl items.  It was easier today because I only had to go to one section.  But it was more difficult because I had Elaine with me!  I was very thankful for my Moby Wrap today, and the fact that I didn’t have to try to maneuver a stroller and lose my kid like many other moms.

Here’s what we got:


Everything was winter clothing, so we bought 12-18 months and some 2T.  I got a Tommy Hilfiger outfit brand new with the tags on it, and a new Levi Strauss jean jacket.  Some shoes, lots of shirts, some overalls, and 8 little dresses.  It was worth the hour that we waited in line…I saved $169.22!!!  (And that is off the consignment prices, not the retail price).

Yay for bargains and clearance sales!!!

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