Friday, August 21, 2009

Lots of Freebies

This has been a great month for freebies.  Last month was my best month since I started couponing, with grocery & toiletry savings of $241.39 – over half of our previous grocery budget.  With the opening of our new CVS Drug Store I have been able to snag some great deals & free items.  I am putting some stuff away for a couple of college care packages later, and also filling my pantry.


I got all of this for free:


1 Air Wick iMotion air freshener

1 Bic razor

1 Glade soy candle

1 Dove deodorant

3 Travel size Bath & Body Works

2 Travel size CVS lotions

1 Travel size “Pink” lotion

2 pkg. Bic mechanical pencils

4 pkg. Bic ink pens (Ben uses a lot of them at work)

4 pkg. Sharpie highlighters (2 not pictures)

2 pkg. socks from DSW – I had a $10 off of $10 purchase coupon and found these on the clearance rack.


I have also picked up several free grocery items, including 3 single-serve cereal bowls, 2 pouches tuna, really cheap Combos (4) & Chex Mix (2),  6 microwavable Velveeta Shells & Cheese, 18 envelopes of yeast, and a bag of Schwan’s frozen chicken nuggets.  I also had $10 in free Kellogg's items like cereal, pop-tarts, & waffles, and $20 in free Kraft products like cream cheese, shredded cheese, & a DiGiorno pizza.  These were free via mail-in rebate.


It’s been a great month for freebies!!!

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