Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby

Today our local consignment/resale store was running a special – fill a bag with as many clearance items as you can stuff, and it’s all $10.  I was considering skipping it since we don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl.  Since a friend was going, I decided to tag along and go for half boy & half girl items.  My friend is due on Sunday, and she is having a boy.  We were warned to be there early as there is a long line.  So we arrived at 9 am, an hour before opening, and stood outside in the hot humidity.  The bags were huge – probably 13 gallon trash bag size.  I didn’t even fill my bag, but I got a lot!  It was all summer items, but I got a lot of newborn onesies and some outfits that are bigger for next spring.  I also picked up some items for another friend at church who just had her first baby girl.



The boys clothes – About 7 onesies, 3 onesie/pant sets, two denim/overall sets, 6 miscellaneous items.



The girls clothes – About 6 onesies, 5 onesie/pant newborn sets, two denim jumpers for next spring (one still had tags on it), seven sundresses in larger sizes, and a beautiful daisy dress with bloomers – brand new with the tags on.  Plus about seven newborn outfits for the baby at church.


The consignment was shop was asking $239 for these, and I paid $10!  Imagine what the retail price was….

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