Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Results

I attended the Virginia Beach Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, 2009.  I enjoyed myself, but it would have been more fun if I would have had a “buddy” to go with me.  The PA system was very poor, and even in the middle of the crowd I could not hear most of the speakers. 


Former US Representative Thelma Drake, who was voted out in November, addressed the group.  She shared about the opposition she received when she voted against the T.A.R.P bill and stimulus packages last fall.  It was an excellent speech.


Here are some pictures of some of the signs. It was reported the the interstates were jammed as people tried to exit at the Tea Party.  Our US Senator Jim Webb (D) refused to acknowledge the Tea Party taking place right outside his office.



The front and back of my sign



Tax Day Tea Party

“Keep the Change!  And let us keep ours”


Tax Day Tea Party (3) Tax Day Tea Party (4)

Left: “The problem with socialism is the eventually you run out of other people’s money:

Right: “Stop Porking America.  Congressional Blue Plate Special: Pork Fried Lies”


Tax Day Tea Party (2)

This little girl’s sign said:

“Stimulus??  I’m 9 years old and in debt for life”


Tax Day Tea Party (5)

“Keep your hands off my piggy bank” and “I’m 12 and $42,000 in debt”


Tax Day Tea Party (7)

This was one of my favorites: “One nation under God, divisible by debt, owned by adversaries”


Tax Day Tea Party (8)  Tax Day Tea Party (10)

Left: It was cold and threatening to rain, but this little doggie was prepared in his rain parka!  He had tea bags attached, and a bumper sticker which read “Ax the Tax.”

Right: We took up bags full of pork rinds and tea bags to be delivered to our Representatives and Senators.  Since they like pork so much, we’re going to let them eat it!


Tax Day Tea Party (9) 

I like this sign a lot as well: “We’ll keep our CHECKS and you can BALANCE the budget!!!”

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