Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Pregnancy So Far

My first trimester is coming to a close sooncarmen-left .   I seem to have entered a new phase.  Breakfast doesn’t make me nauseous anymore.  I’m getting up earlier in the morning and surviving on no nap or a short nap (as opposed to many naps or long naps).  My back is killing me!  I couldn’t stand in the choir on Sunday or during the invitation.  The medical bills for lab work and the ultrasound are starting to arrive.  Having a baby is expensive!!! 


I would describe right now as the “I can’t sleep at night – my back hurts – everything I eat gives me heartburn – my clothes don’t fit right – I have a headache” stage.  It’s the sleeping and the heartburn that is killing me!  When I have cravings it is usually Chick-fil-A nuggets and fries or a Panera turkey sandwich and Asian chicken salad.  I could eat them every day!  Unfortunately my budget won’t allow that.


So that’s it…the pregnancy so far.  12 weeks, 5 days complete with only 27 weeks, 2 days to go.  And one very long, hot summer looming in front of me…

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