Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newest Residents at Emerald Point

We live in Emerald Point Apartments.  Our court is next to the swimming pool, which is very poorly maintained.  About a week after they covered it for the winter the cover came off on a corner.  It was never fixed.  Recently the whole cover was removed, although they won’t drain, clean, and refill the pool for over a month. 


There is a family of ducks that usually shows up when the cover is taken off.  The other day I threw some bread crumbs into the pool area for them to eat.  Today when I parked in front of the pool, I was surprised to see 12 little ducklings swimming single file, spanning the length of the pool.  Meet the newest residents of Emerald Point!


PICT0193These are the male ducks – I have named them Harry & Willie



Meet the fam!  It’s a little hard to see, but there are about a dozen ducklings there.  Apparently Harry or Willie is a daddy!  Mamma’s name is Daisy.

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