Tuesday, February 14, 2017

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

:: Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls
I haven’t followed Money Saving Mom for a few years, but this recipe for Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls makes the absolute best cinnamon rolls ever!  They are light and fluffy (thanks to the egg whites), and easy to make.  You can freeze them, or leave them in the fridge overnight and bake for breakfast.  We had them for Christmas and New Years breakfasts, and now Nolan is requesting them a lot.  One batch used to last for two breakfasts…but not anymore!

:: Prismacolor Pencils
These soft lead pencils are perfect for Bible marking!  I’m not a big “adult coloring book” person, but I have seen these pencils next to those books at Wal-Mart!  I really like the sharpener, which allows me to sharpen without getting such a long pointy tip which will easily break!  The sharpener has two different holes, so you can choose the tip on your pencil.

:: Spearmint Iced Tea
We used to drink Crystal Light peach tea…until we cut aspertame out of our diet.  When we went to Wayland, MO in 2015 on deputation, one of the ladies made fresh spearmint iced tea for VBS each day.  It was delicious!  Even unsweetened!  I don’t have a place to grow my own spearmint like she did, but I have been purchasing spearmint tea bags from the Bulk Herb Store to brew a big pitcher of iced tea every couple of days!  (By the way, 1/2 pound of tea bags goes a looooooong way!)

cq5dam.web.1280.1280:: Hershey Kisses Truffles
Have you seen this version of the kiss in the Valentine’s candy aisle?  It’s a close second favorite, right behind the Christmas Candy Cane Hugs!

:: Carbonite Backup
So, two weeks ago my laptop hard drive crashed.  Yes…with over 26,000 photos, 50+ GB of videos, and a lot of iTunes music.  Honestly, I have just been considering dropping my Carbonite Backup to save the $60 per year.  But this week, I was soooo very thankful I had everything backed up on Carbonite.  It is slow to restore (or you can pay to get your files mailed to you on an external HDD), and it has taken me 10 days to get everything back.  But do you know what I lost in my crashed hard drive?  Not a single file.  Worth the $60 to me now!

:: Panstoria Artisan and Historian
I have converted from paper scrapbooks to Chatbooks (if you use my referral code to start a Chatbook, I get one free and you do too!) and digital scrapbooking.  But I use these two programs for so much more than that!  Of my 26,000 photos, everything is encrypted and double-backed up for security, and I can find a single picture in a few seconds because of tags, dates, and file sorting.  And while I am no graphic artist, I have been able to create subway art pictures for my home, invitations for church and other events, and numerous school activities.  Artisan is very user friendly and easy to learn, and much cheaper than Photoshop!  Both products are available at Forever.com.

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