Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nothing New Here

There’s not much new going on in the Hamilton household.  We are still living in Upstate NY (Orange County, about an hour north of the Bronx) while we wait on our house purchase to be completed.  We DID make a lot of progress on that this week, and now we are just waiting for the seller’s bank to grant an approval for the short sale.  To prepare for moving, we started packing up some of the extra stuff we have accumulated while the rest of our life is in the storage unit. 


We are still plugging along in school.  I started teaching Elaine piano, though it’s been hard to be faithful in lesson and practice times.  We’re still working on that.  Smile We also enjoyed a field trip to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.  It’s one of the museums that is “suggested donation” so it’s more economical for a big family to go.  I made a scavenger hunt booklet for the kids to keep their interest.  It worked up until the end, when the fact that no naps and lots of walking caught up with the twins.

IMG_3008  IMG_3010IMG_3012

We have had varying weather, so we enjoyed some snow play and also some warm weather.  We even had a day at the zoo with our friends the Barkers, and we didn’t wear our jackets!  That night, we got over a foot of snow.

IMG_3044  IMG_3046

Adelei, Elaine, Nolan, Ethan, Lydia, Henry, Nehemiah, & Liberty

IMG_3075  IMG_3107

Henry’s first time sledding…busted his lip up.  Daddy helped make the tunnel and Mommy built the fort.  We have a second fort in our yard, so if you want to hop on over for a snowball fight, we are ready!

My Grandpa turned 91 on February 7th.  We couldn’t be there this year (we had a big family shindig last year for #90), so we send a card that included 91 candles.


This year we were home to participate in the Happy Hearts Banquet at church!  I was asked to make the favors, which we also used on the tables as part of the decor.  Ben made the wood block stands from scrap wood, and I designed the verse card.  I love doing that kind of thing!  Since we rarely go out alone, and haven’t done anything much for anniversaries or Valentines Day while on deputation, Ben brought be a corsage to wear to the banquet.

IMG_3102  IMG_3043


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