Saturday, February 18, 2017

Play Store

Elaine is learning all about money in Math class, so to practice counting and adding up different denominations, we set up a pretend store.  I admit.. I think I had as much fun with this as she did!

Elaine's General Store
We set up the store while the little kids were napping.  Elaine prepared the price tags, and I made signs on the computer. 

Elaine's General Store
She wanted two aisles in her store, so we did that!

Elaine's General Store

Elaine's General Store Elaine's General Store
Cashier’s station, with phone, adding board, and change!  (She even stopped to answer the phone while checking out a customer!)

Elaine's General Store

Elaine's General Store  Elaine's General Store
Adding up and counting back change…

Elaine's General Store  GOHU1199
This was a fun project!!!

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