Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap

Henry Post-Bath
Henry gets to nap right after his bath!  I was jealous!

Kids with horse in Berryville, VA
The prophet’s chamber in Berryville, VA is right across from two horses.  The kids loved walking over to see them closer!  {Yes – Nehemiah thinks Baby Henwee is more exciting than the horse.  He loves his brother!}

Kids with horse in Berryville, VA
Feeding the horse grass and apples

Kids with horse in Berryville, VA
Liberty was pretty brave!

Twins playing outside
It was a beautiful fall day!  We took a blanket outside for school and let the other kiddos romp in the grass.  Looked up to see the twins like this – enjoying each other and being uber cute.  Later I discovered that they were spreading mint crème oreos all over their baby dolls’ heads. 

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