Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend Windup

Some highlights from our week.  We are currently in northern Georgia, but have spent time in Macon and Albany.  Next stop: Augusta, Georgia, for a Missions Conference!

Elaine's Toad
The church in Macon gave us glow sticks in our gift basket.  When we got to Albany we played in the church parking lot after dark.  Elaine caught a toad too!

Glow stick fun

Henry sleeping in carset
Henry finally asleep in the car.  He really doesn’t car for his buckles!

Kids in the Pantry
Kiddos in the pantry.  Pick your flavor – Nehemiah, Elaine, Liberty, or Nolan!

Little Doggies
The kids were playing “Doggies” one morning.  Ben indulged them and totally made their day when he let them eat their Cheerios and drink their water from a bowl like dogs!  (Easiest breakfast and cleanup ever, by the way!)

Nehemiah and Nolan sleeping
Nolan and Nehemiah asleep in the hotel.  These two boys both move a lot during their sleep!

Nehemiah's Elmo on a Rooster
Nehemiah giving Elmo a ride!

Pat with Henry Shining Light Bap Ch Blairsville GA
Henry found a friend at Shining Light Baptist Church!  He enjoyed sitting with her through the whole church service.

Twin Ice Packs
Twins…one was hurt, one just wanted a “sympathy” ice pack.  Libs fell down {twice} in the parking lot and got a knot on her head.  But she held the ice mostly on her ear, not her head!

Walk in Blairsville GA  Walk in Blairsville GA
Blairsville, GA is in a beautiful part of the state – surrounded by green mountains!  It was cloudy and rainy during most of our stay, and absolutely gorgeous!  We took a walk through the tiny neighborhood.  The picture on the left doesn’t begin to capture the steepness of the hills we walked over!

Walk in Blairsville GA

Walk in Blairsville GA

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