Thursday, October 15, 2015

Henry’s First Weeks

Having Henry added to our family hasn’t seemed like too much of a change in routine or schedule.  The kids loving having a baby to dote on, especially Nehemiah!  We usually have a line for getting a turn to sit and hold him.  He is blessed to be part of a loving family!  Here are some pictures from the beginning days…

Feeding Henry a Bottle
I was happy that Liberty wanted to get involved in giving a bottle!

Feeding Henry a Bottle
Elaine…our “other” mother at home!

Henry 13 days old
Henry on my bed…in one of Grandma’s homemade butterfly blankets

Henry 13 days old

Henry in the bath 20 days old
One of his first tub baths.  I love bath time.  It’s probably one of my favorite motherhood tasks.  But Henry has been cheated.  We are always in a rush these days and he usually gets left to last, so it turns into more of a quick dip than a nice bath.  He hasn’t yet learned to like the water like Liberty did.

IMG_5720  IMG_5722
Baby boy with a grown up face

Many faces of Henry Tad!

I love his fuzzy hair after a bath!

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