Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome Home Henry

We came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon.  The kids were ecstatic and had prepared with balloons, flowers, and cards for Baby Henry.  When they came to get me at the hospital, the twins were asleep.  So they didn’t know what had happened until we arrived home.
Even the twins made a card.  Nehemiah couldn’t wait to shove it in Henry’s car seat!  There are seven balloons – one for each member of our family!
Henry wore his pinstripes home.  I know they’re not blue…we have to ease into this Yankee’s fan thing a little at a time!
We started at one end and worked our way down…Elaine was ecstatic!
Kisses for Henry
Nehemiah really struggled to keep his hands off the baby – and his lips too!
Liberty, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him.  (She didn’t touch him until today, three days later!)
IMG_5362  IMG_5363
Proud siblings

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  1. Aww, Ben did a good job with balloons and flowers and video! I loved the video!


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