Sunday, September 27, 2015

1 month old!

Henry is one month old today!  Has it really been that long already?  Deputation is definitely different with a newborn! Henry has done well.  He eats well.  He sleeps well – through the night for the last several nights already!  But there is one thing about being a deputation baby that Henry does not like very much…his car seat!  Thursday was a long day for him.  He’s fine until the buckles click.  He just likes to be held!  So today he got spoiled being held the entire church services in the nuseries!

Henry 1 Month Old
Henry and his Mozzie bear from Grandma Hamilton

Henry 1 Month Old

Henry 1 Month Old  Henry 1 Month Old

Henry 1 Month Old
Looks like a little man!

Henry 1 Month Old
The oldest and the youngest.  Right now I have five kids five and under.  Only for about another month!
{No – not getting rid of any of them.  Elaine’s turning six!}

This was one of our busier Sundays.  We were at one church this morning.  We had a whirlwind pack up and check out of the hotel, and then a short drive to get to the next church for the evening service.  Henry did great with all of the commotion today!

He’s pretty predictable at just one month.  He eats, he burps, he gets changed!  Then he’s happy.  He really does not like having anything in his diaper!  All that eating means a good amount of growing too.  We are almost out of all newborn clothing!

There are a lot of little socks and endless piles of laundry right now!

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