Thursday, September 17, 2015

Henry’s First Sink Bath

We definitely have fifth child syndrome going on around here.  The flurry that has been our life over the last three weeks – new baby, packing, moving, settling, starting homeschool, and prepping for another 3 months on the road – means my camera has stayed in its bag, and the “big” moments of having a new baby have not been such a big deal.  And blogging about those moments?  Non existent.  But I DO have a few pictures of Henry, and I’m glad I got those newborn shots done before the move! Now that he is three weeks old (!) perhaps I should let you know…he did get a bath.  A few of them, even!  Not as many as his siblings had by this age, but he is a clean, sweet smelling baby.  Here are some shots of Henry’s first real bath.  I had the twins in the tub at the time to keep a few fingers from getting too touchy-feely, yet they could still see and be a part of what was going on.

Henry Tad 1st Sink Bath
Liberty was there – just totally uninterested!

Henry Tad 1st Sink Bath
Nolan washed the back…

Henry Tad 1st Sink Bath
Elaine washed the front…

Henry Tad 1st Sink Bath
Henry got clean!

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