Monday, May 18, 2015

Double Trouble...Double Cute?

This "twin trouble" story needs a little background.  We are in Virginia en route to Charlotte, NC.  We don't have a Wednesday night meeting, so we are taking our time and spending a couple of days at a Prophet's Chamber in Blackstone, VA. 
As we left Ladysmith, VA we stopped and rescued a turtle from getting smooshed on the road.  We saw it, turned around to get it, and then watched as another car almost hit it.  The kids were uber excited about having a turtle in the car, but the poor guy was scared to death and locked tight in his shell for a long time.  At the gas station we got a box and "Tiny Tim" slowly came out of hiding.
We arrived at our destination and let Tiny Tim wander in the grass, fed him some strawberries and gave him a turtle bath of water to play in.  He really perked up!  In fact, as we peeked out the window after supper, we found him climbing out of the box onto the deck railing.  He ran around the porch for a while but we assumed he couldn't get down.
We were wrong.  The kids were playing hide and seek with Ben when I stepped outside to check on the turtle.  He was gone.  I looked around the porch in the grass but couldn't find him.  I called to Ben who came out to help me find the turtle, while Elaine and Nolan were still hiding in the house. 
This is where the Double Trouble team went to work.  With no parents in the house, and no big siblings to tattle, they decided to help themselves to their toothbrushes and toothpaste.  They managed to get both, and had a jolly time "brushing their teeth" until Mom came in to clean up the mess!  There was toothpaste everywhere, but lots of smiles and cuteness from Nehemiah, whom I assume was the instigator.  He had the most toothpaste on his shirt, anyway!

Don't let his cute look deceive you...he was guilty!

Liberty was involved, but not nearly as much!

Notice the hair!

Glad there's a washing machine at this house!
(We found the turtle, too.  Just in case you were curious).


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