Friday, May 15, 2015

A Few Pictures from Our Week

Nehemiah at the park
He just couldn’t take his eyes off the big guys playing basketball, and he inched as close as he could to the court!

Nehemiah playing Basketball
…so the next day Daddy lifted him up to dunk his basketball, but he refused to relinquish the ball from his hands!

Nolan in PeeWee Class
Something makes me think he was told to sit still and fold his hands in class…

Playing with Liberty's New Baby
Liberty got a new baby and accessories from Grandma Godby for her birthday.  She even found it in her heart to share with Nehemiah!

Playing with Liberty's New Baby

Hanging on the Slide
Hanging from the slide together…this is a new “trick” they have discovered.

Happy Mother's Day
My mother’s day card from Elaine!  She had help knowing the letters for the greeting, but the “Love, Elaine” part was all on her own!

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