Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

While we were in Oklahoma visiting my Grams and having a deputation meeting, we had time for a special activity.  I hadn't been through Muskogee since I was on my way to Virginia Beach, VA with Ben after our honeymoon.  We saw Grams and Gramps at a family reunion in June, 2010, and introduced them to Elaine.  My Gramps went home to be with the Lord in August, 2010, just after we moved to NYC.

Gramps was the first grandparent I have lost.  (I feel very thankful for this - that I have had so much time with all of my grandparents and that they are relatively healthy).  Though Grams had sent pictures of the gravestone, I wanted to see it in person.

I guessed it seemed appropriate that it was raining when we made our trip to the cemetery.  Grams changed out the flowers for Easter, and we got to explain to the kids that Gramps is in heaven.


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