Thursday, March 5, 2015

100th Day of School

Last week we hit a milestone in our homeschool - we completed our 100th day of school work!  We had a mini-celebration to mark this momentous occasion!  My friend Amber Jones sent me a lot of patterns and ideas to help me out!
::Since we began school, we've added a sticker to our attendance chart each day to help us count to 100.  Elaine got to add the final sticker!
::100 Gumballs Craft - even the twins got in on this action, but there was quite a mess of stickers on the table!

Liberty's finished product...

Nehemiah stuck it out the longest!
:: Psalm 100 fill-in-the-blanks
:: We read 100 words and had 100 calorie pack snacks
:: We made 100 tally marks for math and a booklet of numbers written to 100
:: 100 glasses - they were a little big, but a fun project

:: "If I could, I would buy 100..."
:: Bucket list of things to do before turning 100

Nolan copies Elaine on almost everything.  Since Elaine said she wanted to buy 100 horses, Nolan said he wanted to buy a horse for his bucket list.  Elaine wants an American Girl doll before she turns 100.  She just might accomplish this bucket list!!!
:: Counting 100 objects, then estimating their weight and writing the actual weight.  Elaine was counting out Grandpa's "Hunting Fund" piggy bank, so she brought 100 quarters and weighed them.
:: I used an app called "Aging Booth" to take our pictures and then show what we might look like when we are 100.  It was fun!

I'm scared to get old!

Grandma looks the best!
:: We had a special cake (a surprise to Elaine) at supper.  It was purple (her favorite), and said "Happy 100th Day of School."

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