Friday, March 13, 2015

Can Your Grandpa Do This?

We had a really fun visit with my grandparents, Don & MaryLou Paul.  The kids were in rare {and maybe even perfect} form.  They talked, interacted, snuggled, and even used good manners.  We even had a good giggle after dinner when Elaine and Nolan discovered that “Old Grandpa” can take his eye out.
It was about 58 years ago that Grandpa lost his right eye.  He has had a glass eye ever since.  I’ve heard the stories of him placing his eye underneath a coffee cup to scare someone.  I’ve seen him take it out a few times in my growing up years.  But it’s pretty funny to watch your own kids learn that Great-Grandpa isn’t teasing – he really can take out his eye! 
I suppose the situation is made more unique by the fact that in 2010 my Grandma also lost her right eye.  She had gone through several cornea transplants which were not effective, and in the end they decided to remove the eye.  It was funny to hear my grandparents reminisce about how Grandpa’s eye only cost $90, but Grandma’s eye cost $5,000! 

Grandpa started teasing the kids and telling them he could take out his eye.  They assumed he was being like Ben and just pulling their leg.  So when he reached up and popped out his eye, Nolan had this incredulous look on his face! 
Out comes the eye
"No - he can't really do that!"
"He's really doing it!"
After the shock settled a little, Grandpa gave each of the kids the chance to touch his eye.  Elaine was bold and took it in her hand.  Grandma had to set the eye in front of Nolan on the table before he gingerly reached out a finger to touch it.  The whole thing was pretty funny!
So I wonder…can YOUR Grandpa do that?
I get asked all the time if twins run in my family.  Yes - and they come from these two white-haired folks in these pictures.  Grandma has younger twin brothers, and Grandpa is a twin!  He has a twin sister and younger twin siblings also.  I had a good time watching Nehemiah snuggle right in with both of my grandparents.  Two twin guys - just a couple of generations apart - enjoying some play time together.

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