Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bunk Beds

So… On the the 22nd Ben bought a set of solid maple bunk beds for a great price on Craigslist.  We had been watching for a good set at the right price, and toying with the idea of transitioning the twins to beds before our big deputation stint beginning in February.  We thought this would allow us the possibility of leaving the pack n plays at home, but we also thought we might be crazy for trying.

This is from my Instagram post yesterday…

“Probably the best explanation is “crazy” when you think that we bought a second set of bunk beds and hope to train the twins to sleep in them before we hit the road in February.  But I’d like to think of it as “blessed”- since we’ve been looking for a little wile but couldn’t afford anything, since they are solid maple bunk beds that were over $1000 new and we got them (in excellent condition) for $150, since we were given $175 in Christmas gifts yesterday, and since we have a friend visiting for Christmas who was able to help Ben pick it up.  Crazy maybe, but definitely blessed!

That was the easy part – feeling blessed.  Then we had to get mattresses, protectors, sheets, blankets, and find a way to fit two sets of bunk beds in the room without allowing anyone to grab a light fixture, shelf, or curtain.  We did it!  I was thinking along these lines, “bunk beds.  Same space as the crib.  Just taller.”  But they are taller, longer, and deeper.  So it gave me lots more under bed space, but was challenging otherwise!

Twins Promoted to Bunk Beds
Well…she wasn’t quite ready to stay put yet!

Twins Promoted to Bunk Beds
The twins love to play with Elaine’s puppy dogs.  She doesn’t like to share.  So they got to pick out their own doggies at IKEA yesterday.  Nehemiah has to have his tucked in like this.  He’s a particular kid!

Twins Promoted to Bunk Beds

The twins did fairly well, considering we have to work with two of them at the same time.  Nehemiah has had to be put back in bed a lot.  Once I was disciplining him for standing up in bed, when he looked over and started pointing, very upset, because Liberty was also standing up her bed.  Libs gets very concerned and “tattles” when he moves around, drops a “friend”, or gets out of bed.  So I always know there is a problem!

Here’s a little clip of them getting tucked in tonight.  They are very excited to be “big” kids now.  They are also growing rapidly in vocabulary and their ability to understand and answer with “yes” and “no”.  You can’t hear Nehemiah’s answers well, but he says “uh-huh” to each question.

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