Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Night to Remember

On Monday night I got to have a date with Elaine in the City.  It seems like she’s gone backward in some of her obedience and respect lately, and we thought perhaps she was getting lost in the shuffle of deputation.  Ben was home on Monday so it was the perfect opportunity for us to head into Manhattan.

The beginning of a mother daughter date

Though I had everything planned, it was a total surprise to Elaine.  She got dressed up and wore her pretty dress coat.  We exited the train at Rockefeller Center and walked up to 5th Avenue.  I kept asking Elaine where she thought we were going.  She didn’t realize it until we were right in front of the window display at…American Girl Place!

Selfies on the Train   Selfies on the Train
Selfies on the train

We checked our coats and enjoyed the store for a while.  Elaine got to pick out a couple of dolly purses (the only things in the store I could afford!) and some pictures and a catalog to “dream about.”  Once I showed her that the doll outfits and accessories all say “8+” on them, she settled down and was content to not buy one…yet.

American Girl Store!  American Girl Store!
That’s American Girl Place behind her…

After the store we popped over to see the Rockefeller tree lit up.  Elaine was more enthusiastic about the ice skating rink than the tree!  I gave Elaine the choice of going to Alice’s tea cup or a restaurant.  She looked around and asked for pizza!  I think she is definitely a City Girl and knows that we have the best pizza in the world!

American Girl! and Rockefeller Tree! American Girl! and Rockefeller Tree!
By the tree

Rockefeller Tree and Christmas Lights
One day I will go to the Top of the Rock

Rockefeller Tree and Christmas Lights

Rockefeller Tree and Christmas Lights
The Tree!

Rockefeller Tree and Christmas Lights
Turned out to be a great picture!

Rockefeller Tree and Christmas Lights   She picked pizza
The ice rink, full picture of the tree, and my ‘Lil New Yorker eating her pizza!

After dinner we were headed toward the M&M store in Times Square, but we were stopped by a sidewalk artist.  At first I said no, but before I knew what was happening he had Elaine in a chair and was asking if I wanted “funny” or “real”.  I asked the cost, but when he told me I said, “No thanks, I think we will just move on.”


At that, he insisted that I could get the real one for just “ten dollah”.  So I said yes.  I watched as he expertly drew Elaine’s picture.  I remember as a girl going to a polo game with my family.  They had a sketch artist there, and I still have the picture the man drew of me.  Every time I see the artists in the City I am tempted to get one done, but I have never splurged on the purchase.  I totally loved his sketch of Elaine! 

I wanted to just roll up the picture and be on my way, but he would not give it to me without a frame which was another $20!  I started to insist that I wasn’t getting a frame, when he gave it all to me for just “twenty dollah.”  I had a $20 bill in my wallet, so we took it.  It was definitely a splurge, but so worth it!

Date Night with ElaineDate Night with Elaine

Elaine wasn’t too sure about the drawing while she was perched on the chair with a half-smile on her face.  But when she saw the framed picture she was convinced!  She hardly let it go for a second all the way home!

We picked out an expensive half pound of specialty M&Ms, got “short” hot chocolates at Starbucks, and headed home.

Date Night with Elaine

On the train Elaine said she was glad she had such a wonderful time, because “when you told me about it I didn’t think we would have very much fun at all.”  I’m not sure where that impression came from, but I was glad to have so much fun too! 

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