Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Day in the City

We took a little tour of New York City with our friend Jon Buker this weekend.  One of the things on Elaine’s bucket list was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, so we started at Jane’s Carousel, walked the Bridge, and then went to the 9/11 Memorial. 

Jane's Carousel
Nehemiah was apprehensive at first…

Jane's Carousel

Jane's Carousel
Liberty was a natural!

Jane's Carousel
The serious look…

Nehemiah apparently hit his “wall” and took quite the nap on the Bridge.  This is what he looked like…

Brooklyn Bridge
Yes – he is asleep.  Yes – he was bumping people.  Yes – we did lay him down once we figured out he was really asleep!

Brooklyn Bridge
I think the Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite NYC icon.  It never disappoints – I’m always amazed at it’

9-11 Memorial
The Freedom Tower.  It was nice visiting now that the Memorial is an open public square, and we didn’t have to stand in line or go through security!  One of these days I will make it to the Museum!

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