Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Elaine's Nose Booboo
Both of my walking kiddos have inherited my klutz tendencies.  Elaine skidded across the sidewalk this week.  Her response?  “I never want to run again!”

Liberty Stuck in Pack N Play
After crying to sleep, this how I found Liberty when it was time to get up from her nap – wedged between the mattress and the bottom of the pack n play!

Nolan asleep sitting up
Nolan had a fun play time at the Bickel’s house – he fell asleep on the way home, stayed asleep sitting up while we unloaded the car, and slept through a clothing change and tuck-in for bed!

Nolan asleep sitting up

Twins playing with recylcing Boxes
The best things in life ARE free – like an empty spaghetti box while Mom puts away the groceries!

Twins playing with recylcing Boxes

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  1. That cracks me up about Nolan! That is a very tired boy!


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