Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Program

Last Sunday our children & teens at Bethel presented a Christmas program called Come as a Child.  I played the piano and Elaine & Nolan were to participate in two of the songs.

We had issues with our kids.  I could tell from the moment they woke up that they were not going to perform well.  I should preface this with the fact that Elaine missed three Sundays because of illness and travel, and then she was promoted to a different class (and they were singing a different part of the song).  But as the piano player I had a book at home and we tried to practice.  Sort of.  I totally forgot that she was supposed to learn a second song.  So I already knew that one was going to be a flop.

During the dress rehearsal Elaine didn’t particularly want to sing.  She wouldn’t stop holding hands with her friends.  She was picky about her seat and fussed with her friends when it didn’t work out right.  On Sunday after the initial song she stood there and cried because Selah “sat in the wrong seat.”

When we arrived at church I realized the diaper bag had been forgotten so Ben ran home for it.  Nolan whacked his head on the platform wall and was clingy after that.  I couldn’t get him to go sit down, but I had to play the prelude and Ben hadn’t returned yet.  Pastor took Nolan to sit with the kids, and Nolan threw himself on the floor in a fit because of it.  Ben ended up holding Nolan while sitting behind Elaine to help the little kids behave.  Nolan didn’t even attempt to sing.

Elaine got in a stare down with Ben and everytime he told her to sing she started yawning.  She almost fell off the platform three times.  It wasn’t funny when it was happening {and she has been disciplined for it} but I’m sure it will be funny in a few years.  Here is a video of the “Finale” song.

Elaine and her friends were dressed in their Christmas dresses and looked so festive!

Christmas Belles
Selah, Elaine, and Adelei

Christmas Belles
Nolan wanted in on a picture.  He is the only boy – the closest ones are Nehemiah, and Gabriel (age 5).  He does a lot with these girls!

Christmas Belles
OK – not really sure what Nolan is doing to Adelei.  Her dad had better watch out!

Christmas Belles
Sort of…a good picture?!?

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS . . . what a treasured video! Thank you for posting the story and video. I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas!



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