Monday, December 9, 2013

{Seven} Months Old

This month I took the pictures on time, but I never got them posted.  Here are the twins at {seven} months old!

Twins 7 Months

Twins 7 Months

They are growing and developing and changing at break-neck speed now.  Each day seems to bring something new, and I am starting to be concerned about the fate of my Christmas tree.  It may not survive until Christmas Day! 

Both babies are sitting up now (though Nehemiah just started doing it, so it doesn’t really count for the “seven months” post).  Both babies are mobile.  Nehemiah does a really fast army crawl, finding his way into the bathroom, under the bunk beds, and getting stuck under the dining table.  Liberty gets around too, but she went from flopping around on her tummy straight to a true crawl (two days after turning seven months).  She has great form, but not much speed.

Liberty 7 MonthsApparently turning seven months old isn’t anything to smile about

We are fully immersed into solid food now.  It’s funny because Liberty is the smaller baby, but she eats about three bites of food to every one of Nehemiah’s bites.  She loves to eat just about anything, but especially green beans and sweet potatoes.  Nehemiah only opens up for oatmeal.  Otherwise my wide-mouthed, smiling, laughing baby enjoys teasing mom by tightly pursing his lips as soon as the vegetables come around.  He usually ends up eating his bib while Liberty finishes the jar of food.

Nehemiah 7 Months   Nehemiah 7 Months
This is “true” Nehemiah these days – always has his mouth full of something.  Where are the teeth?!?

Nehemiah 7 Months
Got the smile!

Both twins are wearing 6-9 month clothing now.  Liberty is short, so her pants are all long and her sleeves have to be rolled up, but she is fat so the smaller size is too tight around her tummy.  She has some serious thunder thighs going on!  I haven’t weighed them, but Nehemiah is still much bigger.  We “graduated” to a new stroller too – it was too heavy carrying two babies around in their car seats!

Bath time is now a race to see who can get the basketball or the ducky first.  I often look down to find Liberty “eating” Noah head first (we have an ark toy).  She absolutely loves bath time!

Nehemiah loves it when Daddy comes home or walks out of a room.  He always crawls over to give Daddy a big smile and say “please pick me up” with his big eyes!

Milestones:  On November 16th the twins made their first visit to the Bronx, where we hope they will spend the majority of their growing up years (as God leads).  We celebrated their First Thanksgiving (and Chanukkah), and had our first colds.  Yes – plural on the colds.  We are on round two now.  And they saw their first snow on Thanksgiving Day (though we had our first City snow day on November  12th).  They also got to meet Uncle Evan & Aunt Elise on Thanksgiving Day.

It was a whirlwind month with sickness and travel, so I don’t have anything else written down, and my mushy mommy brain can’t remember anything else significant to report.  So that’s all for now!

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