Thursday, December 1, 2011

“Little Wally” Meets Big Wally

Ben’s parents think that Nolan really looks like my dad, Wally.  They have started calling him “Little Wally.”  Several people at church have commented that Nolan looks more like me than Elaine does, so I guess he must take after my side of the family.  However, I must clarify that Nolan’s enormous size does not come from me!

Last week “Little Wally” finally got to meet Big Wally.  You see, my dad had not yet been able to see Nolan in person.  But at last, grandson met grandpa.

Nolan & Grandpa Godby

Nolan & Grandpa Godby

Nolan & Grandpa Godby

Nolan & Godby Grandparents

Family Pictures at Owl's Head Park
So what do you think?  Does Nolan take after the Godby side?  Try not to compare the amount of hair…we already know that Nolan has more hair than Grandpa!

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